This is a Love Story

Photos & Text by Marvi Lacar

Why photograph? why share?

If I have to be honest with myself, I’m not sure that these images end when the boys hit their teenage years, leave home, or start their own families. I don’t know if this work ends with me. The feeling of completion might never overcome me and it might not have to. Closure could fall on the shoulders of my husband or my children.

I do know this: I continue to make images because these are stories that I feel compelled to share, not for reasons of moral or ethical responsibility, but for the need to find connections. I yearn to know those who can relate to my triumphs and pain, who see my failures as stepping stones and who have lived through my present and are all the wiser. I need those people in my life because being a woman straddling the line between career and motherhood can be lonely and daunting.

I hope you find belonging in these stories, as I have in your responses.


What feeds the soul: 1in20
What feeds the kids: Advertising
What fed me, the first 4 years in New York, my first love: Editorial


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